Snazzy toddler cardigan
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I'm going to be a Great Aunty this year in June! So what should every Great-Aunty-to-be worth her salt make to celebrate the new arrival?! A snazzy toddler cardigan to provide warm snuggly hugs when I live thousands of kilometres away. This is the one year old size so there's a bit of room to grow into it and more snuggles to share!

Inspired by this post The reverse single crochet trim is gorgeous.

I used a 4.00mm hook and Cleckheaton Country 8ply in soft green (1962) and cream (0050).



  • Because I loved this project so much, I made another for my godson who turns one in June. This is the two year old size, using Cleckheaton Naturals 8ply in ink (1812) and taupe (1828).

    Fairy Kato's snazzy toddler cardigan

    4 years ago

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