Stitching For Prince
by Paivi Kankaro Follow

Lately I've been busy creating all kinds of projects for CraftJam. I've had the chance to try everything from stamp carving, to finger knitting, to etching to, wire wrapping etc etc. It's been a lot of fun! But I gotta tell ya, embroidery has taken my heart. It has definitely become the new creative outlet for me. It feels almost like you are painting with yarn. 

My latest project is homage to Prince. Since I heard about his passing, I wanted to create a piece to remember him. Such a musical genius deserves some embroidery art!

I printed a picture of Prince on paper, placed some fabric on top of it and then transferred the picture on the fabric with acetone. Now I've started stitching the features of Prince. I'm only in the beginning, but I'm excited to see how the project will turn out. I will keep you posted!


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