The Sunflower a typical summer flower. Paste on a gift, wear in your hair or put in a vase!


  • You need yellow crepe paper, black paper and glue

    Make a petal of about 9cm long.

    Fold the crepe paper with your hands open and ironing the folds. Cut strips of yellow crepe paper of 10cm wide and fold it several times double, then cut, using your petal. This sunflower consists more then 60 petals ...... Make 3 black paper circles with a diameter of 5cm

    1.Start the flower with a black circle on which you apply some glue at the outside, put on six petals, equally divided 2/3. Repeat this with all the petals (see picture) 4. Stick a black circle on top 5. Finish with a black circle in which you've made incisions. Let the sunflower dry. 6. Now you can push up the petals with your hands to make it look like a real sunflower.

    6 years ago

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