Ukrainian Mixed Media Project "My Babcha"
by Marusya Grace Follow

For the longest time (since the beginning of college), I’ve been itching to do a mixed media project of my mother & grandmother. Finally a week before this past mother’s day, I decided to tackle this project for my mom!

Lately, I’ve been sewing a lot of flower girl dresses and projects for others, so I was excited to set aside everything for this personal project! I knew I wanted to print an old photo of my babcha on linen and hand embroider details of a Ukrainian shirt, but other than that I didn’t have much of a plan, and decided to wing it as I went along.

Unfortunately, my printer would not take my linen, (I freaked a little because I was afraid I broke the printer). As an alternative, I printed on muslin and a water-soluble interfacing. I chose to work with the interfacing because the interfaced muslin print was a bit blurry.

I basted the interfacing to the linen. And since I opted for the interfacing, I had to stitch all the details (not just the shirt). I first machine-stitched the facial and shirt details using my domestic sewing machines. I did this by disengaging the feed dog and manually guided my material through the machine.

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I'll post my final mixed media project when I'm finished. Hopefully it's a lot better than my first one!

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