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I’m in love with these two very soft knit fabrics.. They are perfect for underwear.. My plan is to make lots of undies, a few tops and bodysuits..  For most I’ll trace pieces that I have and I’ll try Rosy Ladyshorts pattern.. I decided first to try everything with fun striped fabric which I have more than pale pink with butterflies and dragonflies..

I used all of the fun striped fabric.. I had about 1.30-1.50m of it and managed to make one top, two bodysuits and 3 pairs of undies.. It’s like a mini collection :)



  • After buying the fabric, I went straight to another shop to buy elastic lace and picot edge elastic.. When I got home I remembered that I’m missing basic thing – the thread.. 

    7 months ago
  • The second try of the bodysuit.. The first one was ok, but the second is better.. Only straps are missing..

    7 months ago
  • I’m done with the bodysuit.. One day I’ll make one with more shape, but for now this one is ok.. It will serve the purpose now when it’s freezing..  I’ve used elastic lace and adjustable straps on the upper part.. For closing I sewed hook and eye tape.. Maybe it would look better with snaps.. 

    7 months ago
  • Undies are done! With first pair I made a mistake while sewing the elastic.. I made more tension than needed.. They are still wearable, but it’s better when they’re relaxed..

    7 months ago
  • The top is finished as well.. I really love how it turned out.. The lace at the front is my favorite part..

    7 months ago

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  • Meadow commented 7 months ago

    Beautiful work!

  • mokosha commented 7 months ago

    izgleda do jajca :) moramo nekad zajedno u lov na materijale!

    Tea replied 7 months ago

    moze zajednicki lov :) kad bi me videla na delu verovatno ti ne bi bilo jasno kako ista uspevam da nadjem :) trikotazu inace ne gledam.. uglavnom mi se ne svidja sta ima u ponudi u italtesu, na dodir mi retko sta odgovara, ne volim da je kopam po korpama (kao npr dragi pamuk), a i skuplja je od pamuka i viskoze.. plus retko je sijem.. tek u poslednjih par meseci sam se malo opustila.. ako nesto primetim, onda je to zato sto vristi na mene - tipa prvi kupon koji se ceo vidi :)

  • katie commented 7 months ago

    What pretty fabric and lace! I've been meaning to try that Rosy pattern too.

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