Upcycle: From Jar Candle to Pretty Vase
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Raise your hand if you buy candles not only for how they smell, but for how pretty their containers are. My favorite candle, one I burn for a little while almost every day, is the Volcano scent Capri Blue candle. Every time it burns down, I run to Anthropologie to buy another, all the while wishing I didn't have to throw out the pretty blue glass container with leftover wax caked in the bottom. Plus, Aspen Bay Candles (the manufacturer) does such a good job of being environmentally conscious by using beautiful recycled glass that it seems a shame to trash. 

This is a super easy and quick method for cleaning out old candle jars. It works especially well with soy wax, which is softer than paraffin and much better for the earth (it's made of renewable vegetable oils vs. non-renewable fossil fuels). 

It's the easiest DIY ever! Plus, it helps you make new use out of something you already thought was beautiful and keeps garbage (and your money) from going into a landfill. 



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Step 1

Scrape out the remaining wax out of the bottom of the jar with an old spoon. It comes out surprisingly easily!

Step 2

Heat up about 2 inches of water in a pot. Don't use boiling water - not such a good idea safety-wise since glass can explode if there's a tiny crack in it and it's subjected to drastic temperature changes. Aim for very warm water and the wax will melt in mere minutes.

Step 3

Remove jar from pot carefully with towel or oven mitt.

Step 4

Pour liquid wax into the garbage, then carefully wipe out the remaining wax and soot. Give the jar a quick wash with hot water and dish soap, which also helps remove the label.

Step 5

Ta-da! Fill your new vase water and pretty flowers. Step back and admire. The flowers pictures here are some of my favorites: sweet william (also known as gypsy dianthus). Colored glass vases look especially pretty by the windowsill with sunlight streaming through them. :)

Discussion 2

  • Panu commented 7 years ago

    Upcycling is great and the result as well! Was this your first upcycling project or have you done something else as well?

    Natalie replied 7 years ago

    I've done several of those same candles since I buy them over and over :) Next on my upcycling list is a pair of pants I've had since high school!


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