Upcycled Denim Hexagon Shopping Bag
by Make It Mulberry Follow

Due to space constraints (and a burning desire to buy new fabric but no possible justification for doing so), I decided I'll be doing a lot of stash busting projects in January. I've been saving denim from jeans for years: awkward shin lengths of children's jeans cut off at the knee when, many years ago, my mom converted many pairs of my brothers' jeans into shorts. This fabric has been taking up room in my fabric piles for well over a decade!

Piecing the denim together was obviously necessary due to the awkwardly sized fabric scraps. I love hexagons and had wanted to be able to machine piece a macro hexagon project for a while. English paper piecing smaller hexagons with quilting weight fabric pretty much has to be done by hand because of how fussy all those tiny lengths are to sew, and while I love hand sewing, there's nothing like the near-instant gratification speed of machine sewing to create a sense of accomplishment...


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