Upcycled Sweater Circle Scarves | Kollabora Alt Summit Challenge
by Stephanie Follow

You’ve seen those jersey knit circle scarves, right? All they do is cut out the body part of the t-shirt and BAM! Circle Scarf.

Well, why can’t we do it with sweaters, too? Then you get the warmth of a knit scarf without having to knit it. That’s an A+ idea in my book!


Discussion 3

  • Missbatch commented 8 years ago

    So fantastic and clever-- and quick! This will be great for holiday gifts, and I love that you're recycling too. 

  • Stephanie commented 8 years ago

    Thanks Sally!

  • sally commented 8 years ago

    This is A. MAZING. I'm off to cut up old sweaters. Thanks.


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