Vasa T-shirt sweater
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So I decided to pick up my knitting needles for the first time in YEARS. I've been crocheting a lot in the past few years because I can make a finished project so quickly versus knitting. However, I think knit garments have an aesthetic I appreciate a lot more. When I saw the Vasa pattern on sale I snatched it up (a super easy stockinette)!

I wanted to make the top a little more fem, so I used a lace stitch pattern on the uppermost section of the front. I like how that turned out a lot, how you can see a little skin peaking through :)

I have to admit though, I got a little impatient with how long this was taking me, so when I finished knitting the front panel, I decided to stop and attack the back in a different way.

I don't have a picture, but I upcycled an old grey stretch knit cardigan that had some gathering up the back seam because there were a few holes in the front of it and I dont wear it anymore. I cut the back off and sewed it to the front knit panel. It is a color gray that matches the darker grey in the gradient knit on the front.

I am going to eventually add a waist band to this because it's a little shorter than I would like, so I'll post pictures when I finish that.  


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  • Dianna commented 6 years ago

    SUCH a creative version, I love it!


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