Victoria: Cropped and Ruffled
by Katy & Laney Follow

I joined in on all the Victoria Blazer making fun and made this white linen cropped version with a graded ruffle at the bottom for a casual, sweet jacket. 

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  • Jessica M. Hamilton commented 7 years ago

    I love this so much! I saw this in person when I was in the shop in August and I have been thinking about it ever since

  • Virginia Rand commented 7 years ago

    Ooo, inspirational! It makes me want one with a couple of asymetrical ruffles. :-D

    Katy & Laney replied 7 years ago

    that would be fabulous! 

  • SownBrooklyn commented 7 years ago

    AWESOME!!! I love this so much!

    I had the exact same idea but went with my vest mod instead. Clearly, I need one of this version, too!

    Katy & Laney replied 7 years ago

    Thanks! I knew I couldn't be the only one who felt the cropped Victoria needed a ruffle!

  • TheMissLinds commented 7 years ago

    wow this is gorgeous - great detail on the bottom hem!

    Katy & Laney replied 7 years ago

    Thank you!

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