Vintage Floral Glassware
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Turn mismatched dishes into a beautiful set of vintage floral glassware straight out of the 1940s.  Dishwasher and food safe, too.


  • Stuff You'll Need:

    Floral images to print (you can use your home computer for this)
    Americana Dishwasher Safe Decoupage

    5 years ago
    1.  Carefully cut out your images
    2.  Mist both sides with water to relax the paper
    (this insures that it doesn't bubble when you apply it)
    3. & 4.  For the plates, coat the FACE of the cut out with Americana Decoupage
    5.  Carefully place face down on the UNDERSIDE of the plate
    6. & 7.  With a small brush apply a generous amount of decoupage around the image and then fill in with more decoupage
    8.  For the drinking glasses you want to apply the first coat of decoupage to the back of the cutout image (instead on the face of the image like we did for the plates) and then edge and fill
    9.  Let cure and then set the table!

    5 years ago
  • Pitcher perfect!

    5 years ago

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