Volatile pants & shirt
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Still going on with my summer wardrobe with this very pale pink shirt and ivory trouser. I design my clothes according to my needs and seek to have some coherency from one piece to another so I can mix them. These two objectives limit the amount of clothes produced, and minimize sudden whish to shop, or getting something new. I also feel more creative and focused.

The oversize shirt is made of cotton while the trouser in linen. No difficulty for this outfit. I had everything in mind and the pattern making went fast. Both the details of the shirt and the trouser - a very large collar, the fake rough finish of the sleeves, pale blu pocketing fabric - fits to my expectation.

I feel very comfortable and urban with a look that can be easely accesorised.

More pictures on my facebook  ;D

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  • Sky Turtle commented 6 years ago

    Love this and the last linen top. Very different from your other designs!

    Kathle replied 6 years ago

    Thanks !!! Yes there is a real difference.
    I feel more mature and two years of sewing  training (got the diploma on June) and one year of stylism during my leisure time helped a lot.
    I'm so thankful to my teachers for helping me structuring my work and creative identity.

    Hope now that is juste the beginning of something. :D

    Sky Turtle replied 6 years ago

    I think it must be :) and it's looking great!


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