VOTE CALL! METALLIC RED OR GOLD?????Trying to finish The SCARF LADY Embroidery!!!!
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I Have designed a lot of Embroidery Patterns these last weeks, inspired by the Vintage drawings in the Pin Up Magazine Bizarre.

I totally enjoyed all the process, from the designing , to the drawing and the creation of embroidery patterns and kits. Despite all of this taking ages! There is definitly not enough hours in a day!

I really wanted to embroider myself all these patterns to test them and to be sure they were doable and that the result would be nice. I managed to embroider most of them and absolutely adore how they look.  2 days ago I just began this last one: The Scarf Lady.

But I would like your help: which color would you like me to do the hair? Metallic red or gold?

I am really counting on your opinions and will wait a bit for your advices to finish the hair! They will be the color favorited by the majority!

Please take a look at my embroideries and patterns on my page and share your thoughts about them!

That s my first post and I hope it will lead to an exchange with you, crafty people!

See you soon!



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  • Valerie De Pever commented 5 years ago

    Gold. Always gold!

    VintageMadbyM replied 5 years ago

    One more for Gold!

    Shall I say I am not surprised Valerie!?
    So we are at 3 for Gold and 1 for metallic red.....
  • Ida Sofar commented 5 years ago

    Goooold ! <3

    VintageMadbyM replied 5 years ago

    Really? Gold ? like your cape Ida Flower Power?

    Ok so that is 2 for Gold- 1 for metallic red!
  • Nic commented 5 years ago

    I would like to see red. I've never used metallic thread before, is it tricky to work with? love your work! 

    VintageMadbyM replied 5 years ago

    Thanks a lot Nic!

    Yes metallic thread is a bit more complicated as it tangles A LOT!
    I recommand cutting shorter thread lenghths ( around 30 cm or less) and I also use a lovely thread conditionner called Thread Heaven. It s a bit the same principle as beeswax, you just run the thread in the little square box , and it is far easier to work with.
    ButI think metallic thread really adds a lot to an embroidery, I really like the silver thread that I used in my pattern Rita, the Moon and the Stars. ( it s also my profile pic!)
    Please share my post if you want the metallic red to win as so far it s 1-1! 
    Nic replied 5 years ago

    Thanks for the tips, I have some Thread Heaven so that's a good start and yes I have my eye on Rita, just need to finish some UFOs first!

    VintageMadbyM replied 5 years ago

    You are very welcome Nic!

    If you still want to see the Scarf Lady with metallic red hair, please ask your friends to vote.....Gold is winning so far!
  • Knit commented 5 years ago

    I like the gold. It makes it more interesting.

    VintageMadbyM replied 5 years ago

    Thanks a lot for your vote! 

    So far it s 1-1! Please share the post if you d like your choice to win!
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