The Waratah Ring was a collaboration between my husband and I - his 3D modelling skills combined with my love of all things shiny!  We had the ring 3D printed by Shapeways a few years ago when sterling silver was first offered as a trial material.

The waratah is an amazing Australian native flower - I will always remember hiking into a valley in the Tasmanian wilderness, realising that we were surrounded by hundreds of these flowers in bloom.  It was a breathtaking sight, one that inspired us to make a memento :)

We sketched up some ideas before setting to work on the 3D model.  We submitted the design and waited and waited to hear back.  There was some trouble printing the fine detail of the flower, but finally success and our ring arrived in the mail a while later.

It was such a fun collaboration, and I still think of that valley each time I wear this ring :)

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