weaving practice sampler
by Anne Mende / Pumora Follow

I've been talking on and on about weaving lately. How I would built a simple weaving frame loom for beginners, which techniques I would try, what items I would make (there is the vision of a HUGE wall hanging with all the stations and symbols of my life included and a laaaaaarge rug for our new entry way - a girl can dream, right).

It all failed at the lack of a loom and I guess my very nice partner didn't want to hear anything about weaving and how great it WOULD be to be able to learn that skill, too, anymore. So he made me a loom frame. How great is that????

It's a very simple one, but there are plans to integrate some extras to make the process easier.

So I already want to make a large scarf out of the fabulous Alpaca yarn which turns out to be even softer when woven instead of knitted. But first things first - a sampler it is for now.

Any ideas how to avoid the decreasing of width? I got the width even at the light blue part, but the thinner the yarn the more it compacts the width. I read in a weaving book that you can pin a placeholder with the desired width just below the last rows, so it is not likely to contract. I have not tried it out though. I guess I have to be more careful with the tension - not as easy is it might seem.

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