Weaving, Unfinished
by Tracing Threads Follow

Well. My intention with this project was to present weaving in an unpredictable way. I didn't want tassels, I didn't want it hanging on a rod, I wanted something my own. I had the idea to somehow suspend weaving within a blank canvas  - the organic meets structure look. But I've hit a wall and I'm just not totally feeling it...

I don't think I'm in love with the weaving itself, I like the look of the twists and knots I experiemented with but overall I don't love it - maybe the dimensions? I haven't finished mounting it (as you can see) because I sort of realised it wasnt going to end up on my wall. I don't hate it, I dont think it's a flop, but no matter what anyone else says, it's not right for me, you know that feeling? I had this idea in my head and I thought I was going to look at the finished product and it would feel so good but It's just....not.

You can see how I've started trying to mount it by threading the ends through the canvas with a large needle, and in one picture I've tucked all the ends under so you can see the look I was after.

Now I have to figure out what to do with it! If anyone has any suggestions, smaller canvas, maybe a new idea to mount it? I'm all ears :) Great thing about weaving is the materials are never wasted, I can always start over!

More of a write-up on my blog, and I talk a bit about overthinking projects and being afraid to get it wrong instead of just trusting and going with your gut. 

Discussion 1

  • Oriana Laura commented 6 years ago

    I really like the look of the twists and knots!


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