Woven Hudsons + Archer
by Jessie Stern Follow

I recently bought the Hudson Pants pattern and I've already made two pairs! Both are woven (rayon), and here's one of them (the "crazy" pair - the others are just plain black rayon). I have some black ponte lined up next!

I used this tutorial from True Bias to adapt for a woven, except I didn't lengthen the bottom of the pants. Instead, I kept the original length and made a cuff using the same size width (and elastic) as the waistband x the length of the leg opening. And I think I only went up one size - the first pair I made were waaay too big and I had to take them in almost two inches on either side seam. Looking at these now, I could probably stand to take 1/2" off the bottom length, though, before attaching the cuff...

I'm also wearing one of my favorite Archers I made last year, using a great Kaufman chambray. It's a little heavier in weight than my others (er... I've made two chambray Archers before this one) and a really nice darker color. I wear this alllll the time with jeans, skirts, shorts, over dresses, etc etc etc.


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