This is my most cherished purse. 

I have assisted the wonderful Jane Meredith during weaving and dyeing workshops. The students and I always have the nicest time learning jane's techniques on weaving. She uses a very simple loom call the Brinkley loom. More of that on her website

So here is my go at weaving a simple cloth with an end product in mind. The yarns I used were bought 3 years ago when I discovered I lived right next to  the handweaver studio. These were the day I started to dream about weaving. 

But at the time I was printing! Printing endless charity shop bought pillow cases  with no end product in mind. So the pile grew, and moved with me to Wales. 

This year at last, I managed to get the loom out and use the yarn for the first time; in my pillow case pile I found the perfect lining, and even a bit of hand dyed yellow cloth for trims!

So here it is, completly made from scratch and packed with personal history! 

A true labor of love.

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  • vvonder commented 7 years ago

    Beautiful! I love the gray and yellow combo!


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