Woven wall hanging
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All over this weaving trend. I used to weave on cardboard looms as a kid, then my step-dad was super nice and made me this standing loom when I was 14 (pays to have a woodworker in the family). I haven't used in it ages and was recently given the most beautiful stash of yarn and wool from a family friend who no longer spins/weaves - lucky!! 

I'm not really doing this right, first up I'm using a ruler instead of a slat thingy and I don't have a shed stick or heddle whatnot to weave correctly so i'm just using a tapestry needle to zig zag through the front of the warp instead of through both the front and the back. I almost feel like the the 'frame' of the loom is too thick to weave the proper way? I'm clearly not down with all the terminology or techniques, but Google and my Mum (who actually weaves on a real loom) lead me to believe there are more professional/efficient methods. Oh well, I continue and hope for the best ;)

I'm inspired by these lovely weavers:



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  • Nora commented 7 years ago

    Wow, what an amazing loom! And you're so lucky to get all that wonderful yarn.

    You also gave me a good idea about accompanying Get Skilled with terminology. I actually learned knitting and sewing in German and when coming to the US it was like learning a new language. And with weaving, I have no clue (not even in German). 

    Anyway, your WIP looks AMAZING. Can't wait to see the progress!

    Tracing Threads replied 7 years ago

    Oo that's a great idea for get skilled! I'm finding it hard to find good resources online on frame looms (either ones you warp in an 8 shape like this or ones with nails that you warp like a cardboard notched loom), but thats probably because I don't even know what to Google because I don't know what the steps I'm looking for are called haha.


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