Zig-zag puffs
by Bren Boone Follow

Experimenting with the crochet puff stitch and doing a different version on a small project to make sure I'm doing if correctly before I decide to tackle something larger.

I've watched and read a few tutorials online and made up my own spin off version from what I learned to achieve l the look I was going for in my head. Didn't realize there were so many things you could do with this stitch. It will be fun experimenting more with this stitch in future projects. 

Row two is slightly different than row one but the stitch is so forgiving that I can't see a difference. My hands like the row one version better so that is what I will do with the rest. Still deciding if I want a beanie or a slouchy hat. I guess how much yarn I have will dictate that. I'm also debating about a yarn or fur pom pom right now. 


  • All done!  A quick easy and fun project.  I'll me making a tutorial for this hat very soon.  

    5 years ago

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