Cross-Stitch 1: Basic Stitches
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Learn all the skills you need to make your first (and second, and third...) cross stitch project! Includes different cross stitches, how to turn any photo into a cross-stitch pattern, how to frame a final project, and more. 


How to Cross Stitch

How to Cross-Stitch

Basic video on how to cross stitch 

Basic Cross Stitches

Basic Cross Stitches

Learn the basic stitches for cross stiching. 

Hand Make a cross-stitch pattern

Design your own cross-stitch pattern

Cross stitch anything you like by making your own pattern

Make a cross-stitch pattern from a photo

How to Create Your Own Cross Stitch Pattern

Learn how to convert any photo into a pattern for a cross-stitch project. 

Wash your cross-stitch project

How to Wash a Cross Stitch Project

Learn how to wash and dry your finished cross stitch project! 

Frame your cross-stitch project

How to Frame a cross-stitch

When your cross-stitch project is all done, learn how to frame it here!

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