Jewelry 3: Basic Chain Making
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This skill set shows you several basic ways to work with jump rings and assemble chains just by opening and closing them.  No need to solder to make these complex, intricate, ancient chains!


How to Make Your Own Jump Rings

Only make your own jump rings when you've got the correct tools for the job, and you need to do so because of scale or shape constraints.  Jump rings are cheap, and come from a million different suppliers - I usually use  But, if you need a particular shape, size or material and can't find it, you can use this tutorial to help you build your own.

Jump Rings: How to Make Your Own

This tutorial is courtesy of Easy&Elegant Beaded Copper Jewelry.  I agree with the...

How to Open and Close a Jump Ring

This may seem like a small thing, but opening and closing a jump ring correctly will really keep your craftsmanship neat and tidy in these chains.  I agree with this tutorial in its twisting motion, but would strongly suggest you hold your pliers parallel to the split in the jump ring, rather than perpendicular as shown.  The more of the jump ring you cover, the less likely you are to warp the shape of your jump ring during the opening and closing process.  

Opening & Closing a Jump Ring

Jump rings are an essential part of most jewelry making endeavors. Check out the right way to...

Parallel Link or No-name Chain Pattern

Chain Maille Patterns

Building Chain Maille can be frustrating until you get the hang of it.  Here's a brief video from my jewelry class, which shows me adding a few links to a row of chain maille.  Hope it helps!  

Chain Maille, Basics Patterns.

These pages are courtesy of The Complete Metalsmith by Tim McCreight.

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