Jewelry: How to Tie Decorative Knots
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Decorative knots have a long history in many traditions and cultures, from Celtic, to Chinese, to Buddhist, to mariners and sailors. Intricate knots were often believed to bring good fortune or true love to their wearers. 

These knots and basics will get you started, but how you use them is up to you. Decorative knots make great jewelry, and you can also apply them to sewing projects as applique. 

Once you've mastered a few techniques, try combining multiple knots, adding beads to your creations, or varying the tying material. Thick rope makes beautiful statement pieces, while thinner waxed linen or nylon cord can create delicate, intricate strands. The combinations are infinite! 

This skillset will get you started, but if you feel like branching out, these links will take you to more great tutorials: 


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Cross Knot

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Pipa Knot

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Celtic Heart Knot

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Turk's Head Band

Turk's Head Band

This technique video courtesy Animated Knots

Knots as Closures: Surgeon's Knot

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Knots as Closures: Button Knot

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  • Sergio Freddson commented 6 years ago

    These are some great bracelets! I love the bright colors you chose. They really "pop"! I have been trying to find some of this cord for my daughters to give them a fun hobby to participate in. I think it's great that there are so many different options available these days though. Thank you for sharing your ideas with us!


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