Knitting 3: Stripes
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Changing colors to make striped or patterned knits is usually the first thing beginning knitters want to learn after the knit and purl stitch. This technique for changing colors can be used for stockinette and garter stitch. You can also use the same technique for switching between more than two colors! 


Make a Slip Knot

Slip Knot

Every knitting project starts with a slip knot before you cast on stitches. Learn how in less...

Cast On Stitches

Cast On a Needle

Once you made a slip knot, you need to cast the yarn on the needle. This video shows how!Many...


A row of purl stitches will make stockinette stitch.

Switch to Contrast Color

Changing Colors

Simple color changes for stripes

Carry Colors

If the stripes are thin enough, you may want to carry the yarn up the side.

Carrying Colors For Stripes

This video demonstrates how to add stripes to your knitting project. It does not demonstrate how...

Bind Off

Bind Off or Cast Off

When you're done with your knitted piece, you'll need to finish the edges. This video will show...

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