Knitting 4: Knitting in the Round
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Learn how to take your knitting to the next level by knitting in the round. This technique is used for knitting hats, socks, sleeves, you name it! 

These steps should be done on circular needles or double pointed needles.


Make a Slip Knot

Slip Knot

Every knitting project starts with a slip knot before you cast on stitches. Learn how in less...

Cast on

Cast On With The Thumb

Technique provided by Wool And The Gang.

Place Stitch Marker

Since knitting in the round is essentially working around a spiral, the stitch marker tells you when rows begin and end.

Join Stitches in the Round

How to Knit in the Round With Circular Needles

Studio Knit shows you how to knit in the round on circular needles in five easy steps.1. Cast on...


Knit Stitch

You only need two basic stitches to make almost any knitting project: knit and purl. Watch...

Bind off

Bind Off or Cast Off

When you're done with your knitted piece, you'll need to finish the edges. This video will show...

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