Sewing 1: Sewing Machine Basics
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Get to know your new best friend. Here you'll discover everything you need to get started, including how to choose the right needle, how to thread the machine, and then even how to take care of your machine for the best results.


Choosing Your Sewing Machine

Choosing a Sewing Machine

Selecting a machine is an important decision! Wendy Gratz of Shiny Happy...

Choosing a Machine Needle

Choosing Sewing Machine Needles

The variety of sewing needles out there can be overwhelming. Learn which needle to...

Changing a Machine Needle

Changing a Sewing Machine Needle & Foot

Need to change a needle or presser foot on your machine? Switching them out...

Choosing Your Thread

Thread Overview for Sewing

Spools are small, but they're full of information. Learn to read a spool and match...

Threading a Machine

Threading a Sewing Machine

Learn how to thread a sewing machine.Big shout out to our friend Nicole Smith! Check out her...

The Basic Seam

The Basic Seam

Learn how to make the basic seam.Big shout out to our friend Nicole Smith! Check out her sewing...

Sewing Machine Maintenance

Sewing Machine Maintenance

Keep your machine in tip-top shape with maintenance tips from Singer Sewing Company.

Serger Troubleshooting

Is Your Serger Stitching Correctly?

How do you know if your serger is stitching correctly? Learn to identify when stitching...

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