Sewing 2: Cutting Out a Pattern
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The first time you take a look at a pattern, it's easy to get intimidated by all of the symbols, lines, and diagrams. It can look like a completely foreign language and incredibly confusing as to where to cut. Here you'll find everything you need to decipher all of those symbols; figure out which pieces you need and which you don't; and then how to cut your fabric with precision.


How to Read a Pattern

Reading a Pattern

When you first begin sewing, following a pattern can seem like a daunting undertaking...

Choosing a Fabric

Choosing the Right Fabric for Your Project

Selecting the right fabric for your pattern can be overwhelming. Blogger Wendy Gratz of...

Cutting Out a Pattern

Cutting Out a Pattern

Learn how to cut out patterns.Big shout out to our friend Nicole Smith! Check out her sewing books.

Cutting Slippery Fabric

Cutting Slippery Fabrics like Satin

Cutting slippery fabrics can be just as hard as sewing them! Tune in to Colleen at...

Cutting Lace Fabrics

Cutting Lace Fabric

Now that you know lace basics and how to lay out your pattern, it's time to cut. But dont...

Laying Pattern on Bias

Laying Patterns on the Bias

Ignoring grainlines on your pattern can result in a shapeless, boxy garment. Make sure...

Laying Pattern on Lace

Laying Patterns Pieces on Lace Fabric

Planning your layout on embroidered and beaded laces can be very tricky. Colleen at...

Marking Fabric for Sewing

Marking Your Fabric for Sewing

Transferring marks from your pattern to your fabric is a tedious yet crucial step. Learn...

Using Tracing Wheel

Using a Tracing Wheel

Learn how to use a tracing wheel to transfer pattern markings to fabric and make copies of...

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