Sewing 3: Hemming Your Project
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Learn the best ways to finish off your project and add a professional touch to your sewing endeavors with a great range of hemming options for beginners and experts. 


Turning a Hem

Turning a Hem

Grab your hem gauge and let Wendy Gratz of Shiny Happy World show you how to turn...

Rolled Hem by Hand

Sew a Rolled Hem by Hand

Ami Simms shares her simple how-to for creating a rolled hem on silk.

Hemming Knit and Stretch Fabrics

Hemming Knit and Stretch Fabrics

Great tutorial to help you troubleshoot hemming pesky knit and stretch fabrics which have a...

Blind Hem by Machine

Blind Hem Stitch by Machine

No one will be able to spot your stitches when you use your machine to create a blind...

Blind Hem by Hand

Blind Hem Stitch by Hand

Sew a hem that makes your stitches practically invisible with this video by Professor...

Removing Fullness From Hem

Removing Fullness from a Hem

Some silhouettes, like a-line shapes, can result in extra, bulky fabric in the hem...

Using an Iron

Using an Iron

Did you know there's a difference between pressing and ironing? Learn the technique for...

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