Weaving 1: Basic Skills
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Everything you need to make an awesome weaving project! 


Make a loom

How to make your own loom

Start your own weaving project with as little as a piece of cardboard and some string! 

Weaving on a cardboard loom

How to Weave on a Cardboard Loom

Make a weaving project on a simple cardboard loom. 

Basic weaves

Beginner's Basic Weaves

First steps in starting your weaving project after your loom has been either made or...

Restart a weaving thread

Restarting a weave

How to start with a new thread once you reach the end of your working yarn. 

Weaving Rya

Weaving Rya

How to create the common weaving technique 'Rya;' it will make a furry surface on your weaving...

Open slit tapestry (weaving blocks)

Open slit tapestry (Blocks)

How to weave in blocks of color with a keyhole deatail; known as 'open slit tapestry.'

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