1303 Saltspring Dress
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Here's a breezy, relaxed sundress perfect for hot summer nights and days at the beach!

The Saltspring Dress comes in two lengths, a full-length maxi dress and an above-knee length dress. What’s neat about this dress is the construction. The bodice lining is cut shorter than the bodice pieces, so you'll never need to re-adjust the blousing at the waistline. You’ll always look effortlessly put-together!

Inseam pockets make this dress practical as well as stylish. The straps tie in a bow at the shoulders, making it easily adjustable.

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  • Anneke Caramin reviewed 7 years ago

    Lovely pattern for a summer dress with a slight twist. It is cleverly constructed, easy to make, comfortable and works in a wide range of fabrics, colours and prints. Recommended!


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