Pleats on this lined pencil skirt give it an interesting yet simple look. On the back the pattern features a small pocket. The slit allows for comfortable movement. The skirt will be perfect for both casual and official occasions.

Skill level
This pattern requires advanced sewing skills and precision. 

Fabric and notions
Lightweight to medium weight woven fabrics such as rayon challis, linen and cotton blends, seersucker, wool suiting; rayon or viscose lining; invisible zipper; interfacing; matching thread. 

Size chart
34 - Waist 25in, Hip 34in
36 - Waist 26.5in, Hip 35.5in
38 - Waist 28in, Hip 37in
40 - Waist 30in, Hip 38.5in
42 - Waist 31.5in, Hip 40in
44 - Waist 33in, Hip 41.5in
46 - Waist 34.5in, Hip 43in
48 - Waist 35in, Hip 44.5in

​Finished measurements
34 - Hip 35.54in, Waist 26in, Hem 25in, Lenght 26in
36 - Hip 37in, Waist 27.5in, Hem 26.5in, Lenght 26in
38 - Hip 38.5in, Waist 29in, Hem 28in, Lenght 26.5in
40 - Hip 40in, Waist 31in, Hem 30in, Lenght 26.5in
42 - Hip 41.5in, Waist 32.5in, Hem 31.5, Lenght 26.5in
44 - Hip 43in, Waist 34in, Hem 33in, Lenght 27in
46 - Hip 44.5in, Waist 35.5in, Hem 34.5in, Lenght​ 27in
48 - Hip 46in, Waist 37in, Hem 36in, Lenght 27.5in

Pattern contains three PDF documents.
- Tiled pattern for home printing and assembly; 48 pages.
- Fabric layout and sewing instructions with pictures; 7 pages.
You will find all 21 pictures on the last 3 pages. It gives you an option to leave the pictures on your computer, if you decide to only print instructions. Not printing the pictures will save you some ink and paper, and allow a closer look on details.
- Pattern for printing in a copy shop; 1 page.

Always sew a test garment to determine proper sizing, check fitting and make eventual alterations. Use muslin or other cheap woven fabric of your choice for tests.

If you find any trouble with any of the sewing steps feel free to message me on Facebook ( or send me an email ( I’ll be more than happy to help.

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