Our super-femme space age gown. Strong lines and careful shaping give this dress major volume and elegant fit. The Celestial comes with length options from maxi to top lengths. It can be made in most woven fabrics. Perfect for getting married on Mars or becoming your favourite no-fuss dress.


8-16 multi sized pattern
View size charts in photos

All wovens excluding heavy weight thick fabrics. Crisper fabrics will enhance the garment shapes, making the skirt hem appear wider. Lighter fabrics will provide drape, movement and a softer sleeve.

17 page pattern
11 page instruction booklet
All downloads are A4 PDF documents

Reviews 2

  • Olu Falola reviewed 7 years ago

    Are there any othe images of this pattern?

  • Christina Thomas reviewed 7 years ago

    I was just trying to purchase this just yesterday on the website.  I'm glad I got side tracked.   This dress will be striking in ankara fabric.


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