Crochet pattern for a large triangular shawl.

I wanted to make a red shawl for such a long time already.
Wearing red makes me feel great, strong and powerful. With a bit of diva-allures and sensuality ! 

I searched for 'the right kind of red' for quite some time.
Finding that remarquable shade of 'divine diva red' was a goal for me, I just needed the perfect shade !

The result is this Diamond Diva Shawl. 
Red geometric motifs, joined together, forming the perfect sized triangular shawl. 
During the joining and the finishing of the shawl, you will notice the delicate sensual movement appearing, giving the strong geometric forms a bit of 'tender movement', like they are dancing and finding the perfect rhythm.

Fully written pattern, in English (US terms) and Dutch.
Several charts added, and schematics as well.

Tested as well.

Enjoy ! 

Yarn : sockweight yarn, 1250 m 
Crochet hook : 3,5 mm

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