DIY Dress Form PDF Sewing Pattern, Sizes 2-14
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This is a PDF sewing pattern of a DIY Dress Form in sizes 2-14 (including bra cups A,B,C,D,DD/E) and sewing instructions. This pattern is available as an INSTANT PDF DOWNLOAD! 

You can print it at home or the office on A4 or Letter size paper. See size chart in the Photo Gallery! The instructions include photographs of each step and are very detailed and clear. We created a short introduction video to demonstrate the dress form making process here:

If you get challenged by any of the steps, you can also find numerous bloggers and DIYers making this pattern:

Kelly Hogaboom

Andrea SewToFit:

With these PDF sewing patterns you can sew your own women's dress form which is soft and pinnable, yet perfectly holds its' shape. It is great for pattern making, draping or fitting. It is sewn from any sturdy woven fabric. It is then stuffed with Poly-Fil Premium Polyester Fiber. The base of the dress-form and armholes are stabilized with heavyweight cardboard.  

This pattern CAN be used to commercially sell finished dress forms for profit, however it is NOT resellable and is Copyrighted by Mylinego, Inc.

Included here is a zip file containing 7 full-scale PDF sewing patterns for single standard sizes 2 - 14 (US) and a choice of A, B, C, D and DD/E bra cups. It also includes a very detailed photograph-rich sewing and assembly instructions, $10 coupon for optional use toward one custom-fit dress form sewing pattern (reg. price $24) and pattern printing and assembly instructions.

To open the zip file, please download it to your desktop and double-click on it to extract. This Zip file is 7.7MB

Attention, 7 separate PDF sewing patterns are included in this order with 23-28 tile pages each. 

You can also order a custom-fit pattern of this dress-form on our BootstrapFashion platform at and our system will automatically draft your pattern to fit your Height, Bust, Waist, Hips, Belly Protuberance, Posture, Shoulder Slope and Buttocks Shape. You can also add professional measurements such as Bust Height, Back Length, Waist Height and others to create your own body replica.

This pattern is for intermediate beginner sewers. The following skills are necessary to be able to sew this pattern:

1. Adding seam allowances
2. Applying fusible interfacing
3. Using sewing machine
4. Clipping into seams
5. Pressing seams open
6. Pillow stuffing

All of the dress-form pattern components and pattern pieces are included in the pattern. Seam Allowance is NOT included.

You will need the following supplies:

1. Self (Main) fabric: 

Small to Large sizes –1 ¼ yards (1.10 m),
Large to Extra Large sizes –1 ¾ yards (1.50 m)
Plus Sizes – 2 1/8 yards (2 m) 

2. Fabric-based fusible woven interfacing: 

Small to Large sizes –1 ¼ yards (1.10 m),
Large to Extra Large sizes –1 ¾ yards (1.50 m)
Plus Sizes – 2 1/8 yards (2 m) 

3. Medium weight 100% cotton Interlining/stabilizer – from 3/4 yards (0.80 m) to 1 1/4 yards (1m) 

4. Cardboard 6 sq.ft (0.6 sq.m).

5. Sponge 3" (8 cm) in height, 7" (18cm) in width and 7" (18cm) in length.

6. Zipper 7”-9” (18-23 cm) – 2 pieces.

7. Craft glue.

8. Small razor knife.

9. Wooden, plastic or metal coat rack stand. The stand should be cut to reflect your height. The length of the stand is automatically calculated by the system and is listed on your pattern. 
You can also use a pre-manufactured adjustable dress form stand, which should not be cut. We provided the resources and links where to buy the pre-manufactured stand and other supplies on the next page. We did not use a pre-manufactured stand and the process might slightly differ from the proposed by us. You will need to know the diameter of the pre-manufactured stand and purchase a plastic tube (next point) to fit over the manufactured stand.

10. Plastic pipe tube, diameter from 1 1/8” (3 cm) to 2” (5 cm). We recommend buying a 38” long pipe for standard heights and 48” for very tall. You will have to cut the pipe to the length, recommended on the pattern. This length is automatically calculated by the system to fit your unique height.

11. Polyester Fiber Fill Poly-Fil: 5lb (2.3 kg) (smaller sizes) to 10lb (4.6 kg) (larger and plus sizes¬).

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