Faux Fur Mink Stole Wrap Sewing PDF
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This is a downloadable sewing pattern PDF for a faux fur fox/mink stole wrap. 

This fox/mink stole sewing pattern is a great addition to the vintage lover’s closet. Cruelty free, and with no mothball stink that so often accompanies vintage fur, this pattern can be made in an afternoon. 

Finished product is 45" from toe tips to tail. 

Materials needed: 
*1-yard faux fur (you will have leftover fabric, but you need at least 30” in length to lay the body piece out the right way) 
*Black buttons for eyes (shank buttons are best) 
*Strong sewing machine 
*Hand sewing needle 
*Snap for snap closure to sew onto chin and tail (instructions not included, shouldn’t need them!) 

There is a ½” seam allowance included but not marked on pattern. 

Preview instructions on my website: https://amie-scott.com/2018/03/14/faux-fur-fox-or-mink-stole-wrap-sewing...

Some points to consider for this project:

Make sure you use a lighter weight faux fur fabric. Anything too thick will be impossible to sew. That doesn’t mean you have to settle for minky or fleece or anything, but you do need to be aware of your machine’s limits. The fur I used for this project is thicker than what I would recommend, but it was so beautiful that I had to use it. 

Trim the fur from all seam allowances before sewing! This needs to be in all caps: TRIM THE FUR FROM YOUR SEAM ALLOWANCES BEFORE SEWING!!! It makes everything less impossible. 

Your machine might not be able to handle this project at all, especially if it’s a very basic domestic machine. I used a Singer Heavy Duty 4411, which is a domestic machine, but it’s quite a bit sturdier than an average machine, and it was still a struggle. Just be aware of what you’re working with before you start this project.

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