FOX cup cozy

This one is the NEW version of FOX cup cozy :)

Little fox face on your mug cozy? Who could resist that! It will keep your drink warm and trendy. Handmade with 100% virgin wool in a seamless cable pattern designed to hug tight your standard coffee/tea cup 

Makes a great gift! :)

FOX cup cozy Duplicate Stitch tutorial:

My video blog Episode 1: Fox cup cozy:

Reviews 3

  • Karen Christensen reviewed 4 years ago

    I just purchased this pattern. However i cannot download the file because your site will not let me login.  Now the email has dissapeared. Not the most user freindly site

    Soo frustrating

    Alexandra Davidoff Studio replied 4 years ago

    No problem! Would you, please give me your email address - I will send you the pattern directly. Sorry for an inconvenience...

    Paivi Kankaro replied 4 years ago

    Hi Karen! Please email for this issue so we can assist you better. We are sorry for this problem!


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