Gemma Maxi Dress & Sweater
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Sizes: EUR 32 – 46 (US 0 – 14 / UK 4 – 18)

The pattern includes two variations: a sporty sweater and a feminine jersey dress
Both variations have an interesting geometric cut at the front and a funnel neck
The sweater is loose-fitting, and has elastic casing on the sleeves and a drawstring at the hem
The dress is semi-fitted and maxi-length, and has a deep vent on the hem at the back
The sleeves are fitted
Choose a medium weight stretch fabric, such as sweatshirt fabric, velour, or neoprene, for the sweater. The sample is made of light weight neoprene (Leedi). Choose a firm knit fabric with approximately 50 % stretch for the dress. The sample is made of stretch velvet (Kangadzungel).

Matrials & supplies:

Fabric for the sweater: 150 – 220 cm/ 1¾ – 2½ yd
Contrast fabric for the sweater: 40 cm/ ½ yd
2.5 cm/ 1” wide elastic for the sweater: 50 – 55 cm / ¾ yd
Drawstring for the sweater: 160 – 190 cm/ 1¾ – 2 yd
Eyelets for the sweater: 2 pcs
Fabric for the dress: 195 – 325 cm/ 2¼ – 3½ yd

Note that for patterned or napped fabrics the fabric requirement may be higher.

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