My husband is Hapa. My favorite rice is hapa. The aunties on Kauai used to ask "What kine Hapa are they?" when looking over my kiddos.

In Hawaiian Hapa is mixed or blended.

That rice I love? Brown rice and sushi mixed together. One of the only ways I can make the rest of the fam eat brown rice. They love love love their sticky rice.

My Hapa Hubby? His mother was 100% Japanese, arriving in America as an adult woman newly married to a haole boy. So My Man is blended.

Little Hapa kiddos on Kauai are not rare, but they are special...as all kids are... but unless you live there it's a bit hard to nail down in words the excitement that creeps up on some of the older auntie's faces, deep in their smile when they recognize a little bit of themselves and their lineage in a small kid.


But distinctly maintaining the line of its heritage.

Some parts the two parts that come together have clearly defined lines

Other times the blending is blurred

I wanted to capture both in my newest shawl pattern.

Highlights of Hapa Pattern 

  • Knit entirely in garter: A great knit to make a BIG impact in your knitting even as A NEW KNITTER!
  • Endless options for colours: choose 2 opposites for a bold statement, 2 of your faves to match everything in your closet, Go ALL OUT and pick multiple colours!
  • Beautiful swallow tail split along the border edge 
  • Video tutorial included to help you no matter what your knitting skill level!
  • 3 sizes available. Each unique and different from the other. 

Brass Tacks:
17 stitches and 40 rows = 4 inches in garter
Needle size US 7 - 4.5 mm
Yardage 400 - 900 yards (366 - 823 m) depending on size
Sizes available: Small, Medium and Large

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