Lahja Dressing Gown - Men´s & Women´s
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Sizes: Women´s XS – XL, Men´s XXS – XL

The unisex pattern includes two variations: a dressing gown for men and women
Casual and straight-cut style
The women’s version extends above the knees and has cropped sleeves
The men’s version is calf length and has long sleeves
Wide collar, fastening with a wide belt
Large patch pockets
Choose a medium weight non-stretch fabric, e.g. linen, cotton, terry, or waffle cloth. If you want your dressing gown to be more kimono-like, choose a light weight fabric with drape, e.g. polyester satin or silk satin. The sample is made of 100 % stone washed linen (Materials).

Matrials & supplies:

Fabric for women’s: 275 – 360 cm / 3 – 4 yd
Fabric for men’s: 305 – 405 / 3½ – 4½ yd
Fusible interfacing for women’s: 125 cm / 1½ yd
Fusible interfacing for men’s: 150 cm / 1¾ yd

Note that for patterned or napped fabrics the fabric requirement may be higher.

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