Panties Pattern #DL21 - Make Bra

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  • Ginny reviewed 7 years ago

    Make Bra's #DL21 Panty pattern is excellent.  The drafting is superb and all the parts assemble neatly and easily.  Additionally, it's really inexpensive and is an instant gratificaton download.

    The panties are extremely comfy and have full rear coverage.  The front dips in a graceful and functional curve --- at least for me --- eliminating rolling of the waistline in front when bending forward (does anyone else have that issue with high waist panties, or is it just me?).  The crotch piece looks huge when cutting out the pattern, but it's actually perfect and greatly enhances the awesome fit of these undies.

    Also, love the front panel, it's a perfect site for some contrast fabric, or layering of lace.  Party it up on the panel!

    My all time favorite panty pattern!  Highly recommended.


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