The Quinque Cowl is a simple looking, sleek garment for transitional weather. Designed to rest close to the skin, the Quinque uses an ultra soft, light-feeling yarn and incorporates two drawstrings for easy, casual wear. The name quinque comes from the Latin word for five, and as a name, this suits this garment?s understated appearance.

You can knit more than one Qunique Cowl with the yarn suggested in this pattern. Ideas for variations to the finished knit: Consider adding pom poms or tassels to the ends of the drawstrings for some fun personality. Vary the color placement, cowl height, and stripe widths. If you?re really wanting to get creative with your Quinque Cowl, you could even incorporate simple lacework in one or more of the stripes. This adaptable design is a fun one to get creative with.

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