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While testing three different shirt patterns i asked myself what all the fuss is about having several different patterns and just drafted my own. You'll never find what you are looking for, so you have to pack all your demands in one - your own.

It is nothing new, nothing fancy - or maybe it is!
However - it is free and it is up to you to decide yourself...

I kept the pattern/instruction very simple, you have all sewn several t-shirts so you all know how to do it.
There is a jersey-version with a neckline binding, or you can sew it from woven fabrics and do some bias-binding on the neckline and armholes - as you like it.

Just keep in mind that it is only available in size 40 / L and the neckline is quite big. I love this casual style, but always wear a top underneath.
so you might want to add some extra seam-allowance and check the neckline before finishing your garment.

So download the pattern, sew it, show it

(#justanothertee or #jatpattern on instagram)

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  • Lightning McStitch reviewed 6 years ago

    A great, simple T-shirt pattern that's FREE!

    Very economical to make as you can cut it from a metre of kint fabric, and super quick to sew. I found it to be a little narrow on my size L hips, but I've made 2 now and will wear them a lot come summertime.


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