Wenona Shirt - Named

The pattern includes two variations: A loose fitting button-up shirt, and a knee-length shirt dress
Triangular collar fastened with three buttons, two at front and one at back
Three-piece sleeve, middle piece continues up until the collar
Cuffed sleeves with slits and closure with two buttons
Inverted pleat at back
An optional front pleat detail
Choose a light or medium weight, inelastic fabric, for example flannel, poplin or any shirting fabric
Very versatile style that you can amend according to your own taste by mixing fabrics and colors

Materials & supplies:

Fabric shirt 150 – 215 cm / 59 – 85”
Fabric dress 185 – 270 cm / 73 – 107”
Interfacing shirt: 65 cm / 26”
Interfacing dress: 100 cm / 40”
16 buttons for shirt
19 buttons for dress

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