Make the New Year
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posted 6 years ago

Yes folks, it's that time of year where we resolve to change things in our lives. At Kollabora HQ, we're crazy for DIY and making, therefore we thought we'd share with you a few of the skills we've resolved to learn this year. So far, jewelry making seems to be the most popular answer...and hey, if we stumble, everyday is do over right?

Hikaru: Silversmithing, hopefully (If I like it). I'm taking a class starting this week. Wish me luck!

Carol: I'm learning to knit this vest.  Also, I want to learn how to make jewelry.

Rick: Bedside Tables. Last year I made a pencil post bed and now I need bedside tables of appropriate height. I've always wanted to learn to cut dovetail mortises, so this will be my opportunity to try that out.

Susan: A dress or a vintage top. I really want to start sewing really nice clothes! Serious sewing. I am so inspired by Gretchen Hirsch and I just want to try out her beginner pattern for a top or a pencil skirt. The patterns in her book and all the instructions will be my guide. I would also love to get into making jewelry, particulary chainmail.

Lindsey: Carving and casting (jewelry) and sewing (drape drape). FIT offers a load of great continuing education classes in jewelry making so I'm looking at trying out carving and casting to make rings and pendants. I also want to work on my sewing skills because I'm really particular about tops and have a difficult time finding ones I like that don't cost as much as an iPhone - so I'm going to try out a few from the Drape Drape books and see how it goes. Wish me luck! Oh, this is also the year I learn a new language. French or German, maybe strenghten my Spanish too.

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