Meet the Maker (Faire Make and Take Lounge)!
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posted 6 years ago

As expected, Kollabora and BERNINA had so much fun this weekend at Maker Faire NYC! Who wouldn't love meeting makers young and old, techie and crafty, from all over the country, and sharing our mutual love for making?

Friday we had a blast setting up the booth, which took inspiration from Design Improvised's DIY striped rug (turned table cover…we loved it too much to leave it on the ground!), and our own bespoke sensibilities (check out those old soda crates we scored!!), making for a mod-meets-vintage-general-store feel that we were all pretty proud to be reppin' in. One of our fave fabric designers, Heather Ross, provided some decor from her new book, Heather Ross Prints, while Spoonflower donated HR fabrics to further add color and cuteness to our weekend hangout.

Saturday's gloom and chill had nothing on the palpable energy of the giddy hordes lined up around the block at 10am, and Sunday's flash rainstorm--though it shut down our sewing operation a bit earlier than we liked--barely phased the ravenous crafters, many of whom crammed together at the back of our tent to continue their Finger Crochet Scarves. It was seriously inspiring to see how many people were excited to learn how to make cool things. "We are what we make" seemed to be the mantra of the masses, not just Kollabora's rallying cry, which was an awesome affirmation that warmed our hearts and fired up our spirits!

All weekend long we had folks clamoring to sit down at a BERNINA sewing machine to stitch up a sweet little drawstring bag. Our special Kollabora fabric, designed by our own stylish genius, Hikaru,  and custom printed by the amazing Spoonflower, was a huge hit. On the other table, our Geo Wooden Painted Bangles , Finger Crochet Scarves and Hand Chain projects were equally well received. I think our guest makers, Max Goodman of Moxy Motals, with her dapped coin demo, and Sarah Goldschadt, author of the brand new book Craft-A-Day, with her felt barrettes, would also agree that the Faire-goers were hungry for fun, accessible projects that gave them a quick-fix sense of accomplishment. 

Our fearless leader Nora's presentation on Sunday, "Crafting is the New Sex," focused on that very idea of the gratifying nature of making; the all-consuming focus that a maker feels while crafting, and the sense of fulfillment and closeness to the craft that comes with finishing a project.

We love that we could share our dirty little obsession (fabric scraps and paint everywhere!) with so many cool makers, and we can't wait to do it all again next year!

PS…if you signed up for our mailing list at the booth this weekend, check back this week to find out if you're the winner of a brand spanking new BERNINA 215!!!


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  • The booth looked like it turned out fantastic - I love the soda crates. It looks like it was a great weekend despite the rain - wish I could have been there in person!


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