Meet the Maker: Haylee Atkinson
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posted 5 years ago

My name is Haylee, but you may know me behind the blog Threaded and my DIY weapons of choice are my sewing machine. I also swear by my serger, and good quality fabric.

When I am looking for inspiration I turn to my favorite clothing stores. J Crew, Orla Kiely, Style Milk, and Madewell are a few that I especially like, as well as Pinterest as always. I also love for past and present runway shows. I have to keep up on my favorite designers! (Elie Saab I’m looking at you.)

After a long day of making things I like to eat a yummy dinner, cuddle up in my bed, and browse through my Facebook feed :)

I got started making when my mom made me do 4H when I was younger. I hated it at first, and didn't really start to enjoy it until later when I started taking sewing classes in middle school. Then high school is when I started designing and drafting and now I'm hooked!

When I think about starting a new project I create an inspiration board. I just use Microsoft Word and copy and paste pictures of similar pieces that inspire me, colors, fabric swatches, sewing patterns, anything that helps me see the garment that I am envisioning in my head. I then post it up in my sewing room. It helps me stay motivated when I'm doing the less-than-thrilling parts of sewing (like inserting zippers).

My advice to anyone looking to start their own business is make cute and rememberable business cards. It sounds like a small thing but I feel like it really shows that you care about the smaller details, something that I think is really important as an independent designer. 

If I wasn’t a seamstress I would love to be a doctor! I am very interested in health and diseases in particular and it would be my ultimate dream to become a Pathologist someday. Ideally though, I would be a Pathologist who spends her weekends sewing :)

If I ever stop creating you’ll find me in medical school? Ha hey it’s ok to dream big, right?

The first thing I do when I wake up is take the daily poll on Swagbucks. I'm obsessed with that site! Free money is always a good thing. I then stare at my closet in hopes of finding a good outfit to wear that day.

My favorite iPhone/smartphone app is 1Password. It saves all of your passwords and usernames in one place for easy access later. That's especially awesome for me because I tend to make new ones and then forget them like a week later. Problem solved!

The movie that can cheer me out of any bad mood is The Parent Trap or Miss Congeniality.

My favorite word is eccentric.

The fictional character I relate to most is Nemo because we both have a "lucky fin", ha! And personality wise I'd probably say Hagrid, because I feel like I am kind of misunderstood and I also feel like I often say things I wish I wouldn't have.

My favorite artists/designers/makers are too many! As for independent designers, some that come to mind are Sarah Parrot at Parrot Design Studio, Megan Nielson, Aimee at Made in the Fold, and Leanne Marshall at Leanimal.

My favorite thing about making is when you're wearing something you've made and a stranger asks where you got it. I love it because then I get to say "Oh, I made it" and feel all awesome inside :) ha life's little pleasures.

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  • Sky Turtle commented 5 years ago

    Lovely to meet you, Haylee. I've added your blog to my reader!

  • Sparkle_Elle_Crafts commented 5 years ago

    Great to meet you!!! ;)

  • Marusya Grace commented 5 years ago

    Beautiful Garments and designs! And I agree about how much fun it is when people ask where you buy your (homemade) clothing!

  • Ginger commented 5 years ago

    It's so fun to read more about you!  :)

  • vvonder commented 5 years ago

    So inspiring to read your story. I can't wait to hear more about your Pathologist-Seamstress  journey! 

  • House of Pinheiro commented 5 years ago

    you are such a cute inspiration! lovely meeting you!

  • Darillyn Starr commented 5 years ago

    This is a great article, and I love your fashions! Seeing the picture of you at your sewing machine takes me back, 40 years, to the all nighters your mom, aunt and some other friends and I would spend in the sewing lab at BYU Hawaii! 

  • Maddie commented 5 years ago

    Okay, I love that she admits that after a long day, she likes to eat a yummy dinner and browse her Facebook feed. We all do it but none of us can admit it!

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