• Tutorial Thursday: Quilting Foot Basics with The Sewing Loft

    6 months ago
    New to quilting? It's time to get to know your quilting foot (or patchwork foot) and this quick and easy overview from The Sewing Loft is the perfect place to start! 
  • Make the Trend: Marble Madness

    6 months ago
    From tee shirts to pillows to necklaces to totes - all of your DIY projects are gonna look cooler with a bit of marbling in the mix!  Paper Souffle Flower by All Things Paper Faux Marble Plant Coasters by Sarah Marble Experiments by Maria Marbled Clay Necklace by Jen Carreiro... Read More
  • Nora Meets the Maker: Beth from Sew DIY!

    6 months ago
    From quick and easy upgrades to simple yet eye-catching garments, Beth from Sew DIY is a prolific and always-inspiring maker and designer. Keep an eye out for her first pattern release as well as her continued range of cool, modern projects and tutorials! 
    My name is Beth, but you... Read More
  • The Weekly 6: Beauty in Progress

    6 months ago
    As much as we love finishing up a project and handing it off to a loved one (or throwing it on our own bodies!) - we equally love the process of making and sometimes find ourselves just as inspired during the middle of the project as we are when we started - or finished! What are... Read More
  • Tutorial Thursday: 5 Ways to Hand Sew Hems with Coletterie!

    6 months ago
    Give that trusty old sewing machine a rest and learn 5 ways to beautifully hand stitch your hems with the amazing talents of the folks at The Coletterie! 
  • Make the Trend: Protect Your Neck

    6 months ago
    Cowl, snood, neckwarmer - call it what you will, it's gonna get cold soon and which means it's time to whip up some serious neck protection, stat!  Marta Duarte's Neckwarmer Needle and Flax's Martha Cowl Dandelion Drift's Commuter Cowl Crazy Snood Kit from... Read More
  • Nora Meets the Maker: Mélanie Henry

    6 months ago
    Armed with a stash of duck tape and a healthy dose of pressure-driven creativity, Mel Henry puts a fresh, modern spin on children's clothing patterns and proves that you're never too young to make style your own! My name is Mélanie Henry, but you maybe know me as Mel Henry from Filles... Read More
  • The Weekly 6: Easy Weekend Projects from Kollabora x Jo-Ann!

    6 months ago
    We spent the summer dreaming up some really rad projects for our friends at Jo-Ann and we are so excited to finally be able to share them with you guys! Scroll through to see all of our beauties and click through for full tutorials and supply listing from Jo-Ann!  Shibori Dyed... Read More
  • Tutorial Thursday: Weaving Ends with Jane Richmond & Very Shannon!

    7 months ago
    It may not always be the most pleasant part of the process, but taking the extra time to properly weave in the ends of your finished knit piece insures that your garment will truly stand the test of time! Check out Shannon and Jane's favorite methods for getting it done right! 

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  • Make the Trend: Serious Statements

    7 months ago
    Not quite summer, not yet fall - in between seasons are the perfect time to add to your DIY jewelry collection and what better way to transition than with a serious statement-making necklace!  Kollabora x Jo-Ann's Marbled Clay Necklace Tutorial  Felted Necklace by P... Read More

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