Blast from the past: Ombre Ribbon Necklace
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I made this necklace 2 years ago while I was living and studying in London. I really wanted to take a millinery course here (this was just after Kate & Will got hitched and everyone, including me, was obsessed with fascitators) but I couldn't make the dates, so I ended up taking a ribbon wrapping workshop instead. It's one of my favourite projects because it brings back so many good memories in that city. The workshop itself was incredible, I met some hilarious english ladies and just spent the afternoon crafting, drinking tea and making fun of each others accents (cliche?!) 

Each flower is made from wire edged ribbon. You roll the ribbon like you're rolling up a yoga mat, stand it on end, then smash it flat with your hand. Super graceful, and it creates this beautiful crushed flower/rose look. The wire helps the flowers keep there shape, and I think the finished product is so lovely because it's three dimensional without being too chunky or heavy. 

Each flower is sewed down on a backing, with a few little pearly beads in the middle. Then the back is just covered in felt that was hot glued on, and I picked a matching ribbon for the neck strap. 

I chose this obmre ribbon because I love these colours and thought it added a really nice depth to the project a solid coloured ribbon wouldn't. It was really fun playing around with the colours and deciding how to put it all together too.

All in all, a really easy and fun DIY project with tons of possibilities. I couldn't believe you could turn ribbon into flowers like this - I think they'd be so awesome on anything from a headband to a canvas hung on the wall to ballet flats.



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  • Max of Moxy Metals commented 6 years ago

    Hey Kate, this ribbon seems really unique, where did you get it?

    Tracing Threads replied 6 years ago

    I bought it from a store in London, trying to find something similar online but no luck so far :( 

  • Cina Rosen commented 6 years ago

    I love the ombre effect that you created! There is a similar project here, you might wanna check it out or for some inspiration :)

    Tracing Threads replied 6 years ago

    This is awesome - thanks for the link! 

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