Bonita Multi-strand Dagger Necklace
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Bonita gotta put it on! Bonita, Bonita, Bonita... 

The quest to find your new favorite statement necklace ends here. We've piled up some of our favorite things (chunky chains, neon dagger beads, bright embroidery thread) onto a seriously 80s-inspired neck piece that reminds us of swapping friendship bracelets, layering neon, collecting charms, accessorizing for the roller rink, and emulating the styles of Cindi Lauper, Lisa Lisa and the Cult Jam, and Tribe Called Quest...obvs!



The Supplies

1. Flat Nose Pliers

2. Needle Nose Pliers

3. Crimpers

4. Embroidery Floss

5. Large Bugle Beads

6. Howlite Dagger Beads

7. 2mm Crimp Beads

8. 10mm Jump Ring

9. 19 Strand Bead Stringing Wire

10. 22" Silver Double Cable Chain, 20" Gunmetal Cable Chain, 16" Silver Figaro Chain

11. White Poly Cable Cord

12. 24 Gauge Silver Wire

Bugle Bead Strands

Start by cutting a piece of bead stringing wire roughly 25" long. Slide a 2mm crimp bead on one end, then slide the end through one jump ring and then through the crimp bead again. 


Using a Crimp Bead

Take your crimp tool and place the crimp bead into the second slot (nearest to the handle of the tool) and push down. This will create a "crimp" in the bead and hold the string in place. Turn the flatted bead on it's side and place into the first slot (furthest from the handle) and push down. This will secure the crimp and create a bead to hold your stringing wire in place. 

Finishing Bugle Bead Strands

String about 35 or 36 bugle beads per strand and then place another crimp bead on the end of the string. Follow the same instructions as before by threading the string through the jump ring and then back through the crimp bead. You will also thread the string through the first few beads before crimping for extra security. Use the crimp tool to secure the bead in place. All three strands should be attached to the same jump ring. 

Hanging Dagger Beads.

You'll want to start by threading a piece of 24 gauge wire through your first bead. 

Then create a small triangle above the bead by pulling one side of the wire directly over the middle of the top of the bead (this is your base wire) and pulling the other side of the wire (this is your arm wire) across it to form and L shape. 

Take the arm wire and proceed to wrap it around the base wire and continue wrapping about 3-4 times then snip the remaining arm wire. 

Attaching Dagger Bead to Chain

Create an eye loop using your needle nose pliers, then slide the middle length of chain onto the loop. Wrap the remaining piece of wire around the base until it meets the other wrapped wire end. 

Attach Remaining Dagger Beads

Continue attaching the rest of the dagger beads using the same steps. We spaced ours out along the chain every 14 links, attaching the beads to the larger sized links. 

Wrapping Your Cable

Now to create the "friendship" portion of your necklace. Begin by threading one end of the cable through a jump ring. Tie all 4 colors of thread around the loop near the jump ring. 

Begin Wrapping

Choose your first color and begin wrapping, making sure that you wrap over the other threads as well as the end of the cable. You can switch colors whenever you chose, we wrapped about 1" per color. 

Finishing the End

Once you get to the end of the cable, thread the end through another jump ring and continue wrapping, making sure to leave about 1/4" between the thread and the jump ring. Tie off the end and secure with a small dot of super glue, just to be safe. 

 Now you have all the pieces to begin assembling your necklace!

Start adding the sections onto an empty jump ring (we went longest to shortest: double link chain, gunmetal cable chain, bugle bead strands, figaro chain with dagger beads, thread and rope) and add one more jump ring which will act as your catch. Then add the other set of ends to a separate jump ring in the same order.

Attach your clasp and catch and you're done!

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  • Marisa commented 6 years ago

    This is very COOL!


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