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You're not likely to dress to the nines and skip the opp to snap photos, right? Keep your camera (or phone) at hand with a strap that's glam.


  • 2-3" wide trim, 6-7" long (I used a gold sequin stretch trim)
  • Craft felt
  • A cord stop
  • 21" of fine cording
  • E6000 glue
  • Acrylic paint
  • Needle and thread



Here's everything you need to get started. The bracelet section should be between 6 and 7 inches long, depending on the wearer's wrist size. A 6" width is used here.

Cut one strip of thin cording to 14" and another to 7". Knot each at one end.

Knot each length a second time.

Open the middle section.

Use a needle and thread to tack the cording all the way around the loop, keeping the loop close to the edge. The stitches don't need to be pretty, but they do need to be sturdy. They'll be covered in following steps.

Secure the end of your thread.

Cut two small pieces of felt to the width of your bracelet and about 1.5" long. Fold your felt in half each way.

Cut a tiny piece out of the center.

You'll have created a hole for threading the loops.

Thread a loop through each hole and apply glue to each side, securing the ends of your loops and the threads.

Pin or clip until the glue is dry.

The construction is complete. Now we'll finish it to match your bracelet.

Paint the loops and the felt squares.

Let it dry.

Thread a cord stop onto the longer loop.

Use a thinner cording or thread to "cradle" the longer loop through the strap port on your camera or phone.

Pull the loop all the way through.

Pull the loop around the rest of the strap.

And your Bracelet Strap is ready for a night out! Make several-- we all like to have options.

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  • vvonder commented 5 years ago

    Perfect project for the new year!

  • crafterhours commented 5 years ago

    Thanks, guys!

  • Nora commented 5 years ago

    Thank you for sharing the instructions, super detailed and easy to understand!

  • Kollabora commented 5 years ago

    Fashion meets function. LOVE!!

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